Friday, September 3, 2010

Going camping

Hey guys, just writing to say that I am going camping and I will not be on for about 3 or 4 days, going up to a place called Winding River, in Colorado. But for the sake of this blog being about recipes, not my personal life, I am going to go ahead and post a recipe for what we are going to make for dinner tonight.

Hobo Dinners
Aluminum Foil
4 Pototoes
Shreaded cheese
Hamburger meat
Seasoning salt

Now since these are so awesome, you do not really need to put the ingredients in a certain way inside of the tin foil, nor do you need a lot of everything. Once you have everything you want inside of the foil, wrap it up, and re-wrap it.
If you are at out camping, place in a spot on the fire, but not where any sticks can poke holes on it. Have it in the fire for 10 minutes, and flip after another 10.
If you are going to use a oven, place in the oven at 350 and turn them over after 7 minutes

I will be back after about 4 days, I will see you guys then.


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